Don’t Forget to Pump Your Septic Tank

Don’t Forget to Pump Your Septic Tank

See why regular septic tank pumping in Fort Valley and Warner Robins, GA is a smart investment

When was the last time you had your septic tank pumped? Scooter's Septic Pumping and Repair offers septic tank pumping and cleaning services to homeowners in the Fort Valley and Warner Robins, GA area.

It’s highly recommended that you have your septic system pumped every three to five years. A tank that isn’t pumped regularly can back up, which leads to flooding. We have the trucks and equipment necessary to pump out your septic tanks and holding tanks safely.

Get in touch with us to set up your septic tank pumping appointment. If you need your septic tank cleaned, we can tackle that, as well.

Find out why you should clean your septic system regularly

In addition to septic tank pumping, Scooter's Septic Pumping and Repair also provides septic tank cleaning services in Fort Valley, GA, Warner Robins, GA, and surrounding areas. Septic tank pumping only removes the liquid waste from your septic tank, while cleaning removes the liquid and solid waste. Septic tank cleaning can:

  • Keep your septic system running smoothly, reducing the need for repairs
  • Block waste from soaking into the soil and water around your home
  • Prevent water pollution and soil contamination

Contact us immediately if your septic tank hasn’t been cleaned or pumped in the last three years.